Terms of rental

Terms of rental
Age of Tenant and Drivers
The minimum age is 23 years and a maximum of 70 years for all categories of cars, except J, L, KN, MN, NN for which the age of at least 30 years and a maximum of 60 years is required.
Driving license:
Driving licenses must have been issued 1 year before the rental date for all categories of car must either be a holder of a driving license issued by a European Union country or a holder of an International Driving License. The International Driving License must be accompanied by the driving license of the country of the driver.
Means of payment:
Car hire always requires a credit card, even if the renter eventually pays the rental by cash or debit card.
Rental Guarantee
In order to rent a vehicle, a credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express) is required, even if the payment is made in cash. The rental office will block the amount of liability for damage until the end of the rental.
An independent credit or debit (Visa, Master Card, American Express) is required for warranty purposes. The rental office will block the amount of liability for damage until the end of the rental.
If the exemption amount is € 0, the amount to be committed is € 150.00. This will be used in the event of additional charges not covered by any insurance (eg tire or bottom damage, traffic offenses, missing fuel, etc.).
Fuel Policy
The vehicle should be returned with the same amount of fuel delivered. Otherwise, charges of € 12 plus the cost of the missing fuel will apply. The lessee is obliged to follow the construction specifications of the rented car and fill the tank with the type of fuel required. Refunds are not refunded or off-set for extra fuel in the tank.
Third Party Insurance: Provides coverage for third party deaths & injuries up to € 1,000,000 and third party damage up to € 1,000,000 - DS-TRADE MON IKE (VANCAR) vehicle exempted.
Basic Accident Insurance (CDW):
It limits the amount of damage liability from € 620 to € 1,860.00 depending on the vehicle category. Do not cover bottom damage, rims, tires, tires, mirrors, antenna, crystals and interior.
Full Accident Insurance (FDW):
This insurance is available as an extra charge per day. It significantly reduces or reduces liability for damage to the vehicle. The amounts are reduced to € 0.00 from € 620.00, € 248.00 from € 1.240,00 or € 558.00 from € 1.860,00, always depending on the vehicle category. No underpasses, rims, tires and tires are covered.
Theft security (TW):
Theft insurance is available as an extra charge per day. Limits the amount of liability for theft or damage from a theft attempt, from € 620.00 to € 1,860.00 depending on the vehicle category. The tenant is not covered in case of theft of all or part of the vehicle caused by negligence (eg when he left the car unlocked or left the key on the ignition).
No insurance coverage NOT applicable:
during the transport of the vehicle by ship
if the driver is found to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
for damage caused by driving on unpaved roads
for underneath damage, rims, tires, tires, mirrors, antenna, crystals and interior
for loss of personal belongings within the vehicle
for accidents caused by a driver not registered in the lease
for loss or destruction of a vehicle key
for loss or destruction of Navi GPS devices, child seats, snow chains or other additional equipment
The cost of loss or loss of the car is paid even if the tenant is covered by insurance from his credit card or third party insurance service. In this case, the tenant is obliged to pay in DS-TRADE MON IKE (VANCAR) the full cost of repair or replacement of the vehicle, which then will assert himself by credit card or another insurance provider.
Receiving and returning a vehicle
Deliveries / Refunds at DS-TRADE MON IKE (VANCAR) offices and at Airports are free of charge.
Deliveries / Refunds to a location other than the above are charged extra with 25 €.
Distances of more than 40km from the nearest shop of DS-TRADE MON IKE (VANCAR) can be arranged upon request at an additional charge of 0.50 € / km. (minimum charge of 35 €).
Deliveries / Return of vehicles out of working hours (from 20:01 to 08:59) are charged with 24 €.Restrictions
Driving outside the Greek border, driving on dirt roads, carrying heavy objects and misuse in general is prohibited. Charges of up to € 87 are applicable for special cleaning on vehicles that will be returned with excessively dirty interior (eg stains from food, coffee, etc.) indicating misuse.
Additional Guide
In every car rental, only the declared driver is covered by the above insurance. In the event that other drivers are to drive the rented vehicle, a lease contract must be declared at the start of the rental. Required documents are a police ID card or passport and driving license in force. Additional driver service is charged per day.
Management costs
In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, there is a non-refundable charge of € 62.00.
Additional facilities
Children's seats, snow chains and GPS Navi systems are available upon request at a charge per day. They must refer to the reservation.
Shipment by boat:
Only authorized by DS-TRADE MON IKE (VANCAR)
Traffic offenses-Fines:
The tenant assumes full responsibility for any road traffic offenses and is liable to pay any debts to the competent authorities. Otherwise, the amount of the violation will be charged plus the amount referred to as "Management Expenses".
Cancellation of reservation
If the reservation is canceled up to 15 days before the departure date, the entire prepaid amount is refunded. If canceled within 15 days prior to departure, DS-TRADE MON IKE (VANCAR) will refund the amount by deducting the cost corresponding to one (1) day of rental.
* The types of cars shown in the photos are indicative. In special cases, DS-TRADE MON IKE (VANCAR) reserves the right to replace any type of car with another of the same class (or higher), at no extra cost. The lessee and the drivers have been informed that the vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracking system and authorize the lessor to activate it in case of emergency (theft, breach of agreement, etc.). Terms and prices are subject to change without notice. DS-TRADE MON IKE (VANCAR) is not responsible for any typographical errors.
Upon receipt of the vehicle, a corresponding lease agreement containing the above terms and conditions is signed.